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This one's for you, uncle sam

There are days where I think it would be great to be an american suicide bomber. There's a reason why we always see islamofundy nutjobs use it as a weapon. In a way, it's the ultimate form of smart bomb. A weapon that can think and make decisions on the fly about when and where to blow itself up for maximum damage. I've long thought that the US was missing out by not having its own core of suicide bombers formed out of the legions of disaffected teenagers out there. It's not as if some of the depressed and the goth were doing anything interesting or useful anyway. Why not use them to help forward the goals of the country as a whole, right? Sometimes I think I would even volunteer to be a pilot subject in a program like this. It might be interesting to strap on a suicide vest and then go visit a foreign locale full of wankers and strike a blow for the ol' red white and blue. It'd certainly be more useful than what I end up doing day in and day out. Add in some sort of additional benefit like a lump sum payment to relatives and maybe a memorial wall somewhere and it doesn't sound like all that bad of a tradeoff. Of course, that ends up costing more than simply promising 57 virgins and a speedpass to heaven, but it's still cheaper than buying smart bombs. One of those cruise missiles can cost a million dollars a pop. I think that you can find people who would be willing to take a fraction of that.
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