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I will reawaken in a world gone mad

I just climbed my way out of my hibernation chamber a couple of hours ago after sleeping the entire day and half the night away. It seems to be a new pattern with me where I stay up for a day and a half straight and then fall flat on my face for around 15 hours at a shot. It's sort of disturbing really since I tend to miss days almost completely. It's not like there actually anything interesting to miss, but it does get obnoxious to not know what day of the week it is without looking at a calender.

There is one interesting boon to hibernating like a bear. I get to have some really long and intricate dreams. Of course, I didn't jot down any notes about it upon waking so all I can remember now is some vague sense that it was interesting. Considering that I fell asleep while watching Spiderman the animated series on tv, I'm going to make a wager that I was probably some sort of superhero, or if I was unlucky, someone's sidekick.

I also awoke to see that a couple of you, urged on by stirrings of pity or guilt, followed through on my request. Very spiffy. At last count, I'm just a minimum of 5 people short of meeting my goal. Well, it's 5 if they end up rounding up. 10 if I actually have to crest the peak. Either way, I do appreciate that some of you took a minute out of your busy lives to help. I promise I won't even use your personal information to stalk you.

That actually leads me to an interesting thought. I just don't get stalkers. I probably could have related to them once upon a time when I was younger and full of vim and vigor. Now, I find I just couldn't care enough to stalk anyone. Hell, most days I can't even find enough motivation to go to the post office much less follow someone around taking pictures or watching them through binoculars. I think that I've finally contracted a terminal case of apathy. I could offer the self-serving suggestion that it's a defense mechanism, but more likely I would have turned into an uncaring sob no matter what happened.

Well, didn't that turn depressing all of a sudden. I think I'll end this entry before I get any more maudlin.
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