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Anytime I need to catch up on the latest family gossip, I just have to give a mom a ring and she's happy to recap the whole lot. The only downside is that she never actually remembers what she's already told me previously so there's always the danger of having to sit through reruns. I also can't exactly select the content I want since it mostly comes across as just a global info-dump.

The latest news has me feeling a bit wistful. It seems that everything is going very well for my sister and her husband. He just got made a VP at the tender age of 30 and they're now making just shy of 300k combined. $300,000 dollars. That's almost 650 million Italian Lira in case you were curious. That's almost a ridiculous amount of money from my perspective. Even if taxes suck up a third, you're still looking at plenty of spreading around money.

Now, there's really no reason for me to feel any sort of jealousy when it comes to this news. After all, even if my life had worked out as planned, I can't imagine that I would have made a comparable sum. The only way I would have seen money like that is if I had won a lottery. Well, that's not entirely true, but it would take decades to make a sum like that in academia. Certainly it's not something you would accomplish at 30, or even 40.

Still, all of that being said, it's still sort of sad to see the have's when you're amongst the have not's. It's not like I would actually want to go splurging, buying cars or homes or whatever. It would just be nice to know that you're not a leech on society.
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