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Pain on the edge of consciousness

I dozed off earlier tonight and woke up feeling like I had spent the whole time stuffed into a burlap sack and dragged by a team of horses. It felt like everything ached from my back to my jaw, to all the other owies I normally experience. It might not be so bad if I could slowly adjust to the discomfort, perhaps popping a few pills and hoping they kick in before having to move about but it never fails that I always have to make my bladder gladder. I end up staggering out of bed, no doubt exacerbating everything.

It's been an odd sort of day overall. First, I actually left the house today. That may not be a banner headline but it's definitely something that deserves a bit of an asterisk. My mom and grandmotehr had wanted to try a new japanese restaurant that had just opened a few days ago and I went more out of a sense of family obligation than anything else. I really should try to spend more time with my grandma, so I usually agree to these sort of outings whenever they pop up. While she still seems pretty spy and in relatively good health to me, she is going on 85 now. I just read a CNN article about the oldest woman in the world dying at 115 and the crown being passed on but it would be too much to hope that my grandmother could bring that trophy home one day.

I woke up around 30 minutes before I was supposed to get picked up and that unfortunate fact would have repercussions later in the day. There wasn't really enough time for my pills to kick in so I tossed in a codeine chaser just in case.

All in all, it was a pretty spiffy meal. I've always been a fan of seafood and there was certainly plenty of that to go around. I tried a variety of the sushi available, but none of it made much of an impression. I did get a quick and unlooked for lesson in sushi quality though. While at gencon earlier this year, I tagged along with john and Melissa to a pretty ritzy sushi place. I passed on joining the meal and mostly sat around downing water like a camel. I did try a few of those miniscule flying fish eggs, which google is telling me is also known as Tobiko.

At the time, I was pretty amazed at how crisp they were. They would actually snap when you bit down on them, releasing a small fishy burst. When I saw them at this restaurant, I couldn't help taking one and giving it a whirl. Major disappointment. It just wasn't as crisp and some were even sorta mushy. I guess in cases like that you really do get what you pay for.

After the meal, my mom wanted to do some shopping nearby and so I ended up tagging along. On the road there, I started to feel a bit off. It wasn't full blown nausea, but I could sort of feel something unpleasant coming on. More than likely what happened was the meds were finally kicking in and that mixed with the meal was going to be an unpleasant combination. I ended up staying in the car while they shopped, hoping that some time to lie back and rest would make me feel better. Things didn't pan out that way. On the way home I had to signal for an emergency pull over upon which I decorated a Fudrucker's parking lot. It was one of those rare vomiting instances where you feel like a firehose. I'm not sure I set any world records for distance, but it was probably close.

The rest of the trip home was without incident and I basically went to bed and lay there until the last of the nausea went away. It's events like this which reinforce the idea that I just shouldn't leave the house. No good ever comes of it.
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