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I'm actually feeling happy and had a good day. I've had a lingering headache all day from lack of sleep and that sprain of my jaw muscle refuses to go away, but things were still pretty spiffy. Brian popped over to pick up some of those Nets tickets for his sister-in-law and her boyfriend and we also took the opportunity to exchange gifts. I now have a total of two $20 giftcards to gamestop and it'll be spiffy to trade those in once I actually find some new games that I want. He also agreed to help me out buying some games from Bestbuy to flip. It was the last day to apply a $20 off coupon for Command and Conquer's Red Alert 3. By a lucky twist of fate, today's circular also had a sale on the game, dropping it $20 from its retail price of $50. I was able to get the drones at bestbuy to apply the coupon which meant that I picked up 6 copies @ $10 a pop. The coupon was supposed to be a limit of 3 each so I ended up misfiling another 6 copies for later.

After the first set of purchases we grabbed a late lunch at the Ruby Tuesday's in the same complex. It just so happened that I had a buy 1 entree get $10 off a second coupon with me. I've become a real coupon clipping cheapskate of late. (Well, okay, it's not a recent development. It just seems more pronounced) The coupon was supposed to only apply to another location but I decided to give it a whirl anyway and the server took it. As we were getting set to leave, the waiter noticed the stack of Nets tickets and asked what concert they were for. After explaining they were basketball tickets and that I couldn't get rid of them anyway, I offered him up a pair for Monday night's game. At least someone should get some use out of them.

When we finished at the restaurant, it was back to Bestbuy to pick up another 6 copies of Red Alert. Things did not go nearly as smoothly this time. One of the nazi cashiers decided to make a stink over the coupons. Her inability to comprehend the simple terms as written meant that she went off on a mission to check with a manager. I'm not sure what the farg the manager was doing but it must've taken her at least 20 minutes to return with some scruffy-headed kid that looked no older than she was. I should mention that there were like a half dozen cashiers and other stand-abouts around and they all looked like they were in highschool. It made me feel old just to be around them.

Anyway, scruffy-head told her that he thought it was fine and proceeded to ring me up. Eva Braun apparently didn't care for his executive decision and had appealed up to the general manager, who I'm happy to report was a middle-aged adult. That poor bastard must feel like he's trapped in some never-ending episode of Dawson's Creek whenever he goes to work. As I was walking toward the exit with the games in tow, I got the pleasure of hearing him reading the coupon's terms to her and repeating that he also felt that it was good. Nananah, bitch.

Brian dropped me off at home after that and I should have just gone upstairs, stumbled into bed and not gotten up until I had gotten rid of the infernal headache. The lure of money kept me awake though. I reprinted up another stack of those bestbuy coupons and set off again. I had planned to gut it through and visit as many as another 3 stores. With the whole limit: 3 thing, I figured I would pick up another dozen if I were lucky. Instead, I struck gold at the first bestbuy I went to. They had 20 copies in stock and the employees didn't care how many coupons I used. It took forever and there were some technical glitches but I ended up walking out of the store with all 20. I decided to pass on the other stops and called it a night. 32 should be pretty spiffy as is and should keep me happily flipping for weeks.
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