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Reality TV double team

Thursday has become reality tv night for me. Survivor allstars followed by the apprentice. I was really disapointed that they voted out Hatch tonight. I was really really starting to like the guy. He was just so arrogant and exuded this sort of low-level evil that I for one can appreciate. I was looking forward to him shoving his wanky at sue a few more times. I thought for sure she was going to grab for it and try to rip it out at the roots and start a brawl. I'm very very disapointed that that's not what happened. I would have payed money for an event like that. I guess we get to hear her whine and complain about it next episode, which is almost as good...not. Someone needs to toss that stupid hag off the show already. What a psychobitch.

The apprentice is starting to go sour for me. I haven't seen a really good episode in quite a while and I just don't care as much about who gets tossed. The only person I'm rooting for in any degree is Troy. He sure does talk funny, don't he. Better than that, he seems like a nice guy who has been smart and adaptive. Trump could certainly do worse. It looks like from the previews that next week's episode will really be the one to see when omarosa manages to piss off the only person who seemingly can stand her even the slightest bit. That should be tons of fun. I'm looking forward to a bitchfest and maybe a few slapdowns and head shaking and finger waving. The only problem is that the preview suggests that the person who is booted breaks down in the boardroom. I'm not sure that omarosa is human enough to break down and I really don't want to see her manage to skate by again. Someone needs to toss her snotty ass on the pavement.

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