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It's like an addiction for which there's no methadone

You just get used to it like Pavlov's dog. The minute I start feeling something resembling really unpleasant pain, I automatically want to make a LJ entry complaining about it. This jaw thing is driving me crazy and won't go away. It's always worst whenever I have to chew something or upon waking where I must be spending a lot of time chewing or yawning in my sleep. I wonder if there's the offchance I've actually done it some permanent damage. There could be a muscle tear or something that wouldn't be quick to heal. I'm just not sure how I could tell the difference between that and a normal everyday sprain. It's hard not to almost wish that if it were really screwed up it'd just fall off or something. I'm pretty sure if half of my jaw detached from my head, that would be a clear indication something was wrong.

Even if it were just a sprain, I'm not sure if I'm making it worse every single time I eat something or go to sleep. Maybe I should try to make it so that I only consume liquid nutrients for the next couple of days. That would hardly be an easy thing to do and I have no clue if it would be worth the effort. Besides, I'm sure I would get pretty annoyed at drinking my meals when the only liquid nutrition in this house right now is a half gallon of orange juice.

God. The trials and tribulations of my life seem so incredibly banal sometimes. It's still making a mess of things though.
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