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Insanity cured

I managed to fall asleep last night without the bubble fizzing feeling so it looks like things are all better. Whatever it was it seems to be gone now. I'm still not sure what caused it or what the heck it even was. I'm just glad it's gone and hopefully won't be coming back any time soon. It was a really unpleasant feeling all around.

Other than spending 32 hours awake due to that spazzout, nothing interesting has been going on around here. I've spent a good chunk of time playing Guild Wars and finally managed to advance beyond pre-sear (newbievile) in the game. I had been ready to advance for around a week but had held back to wait for Brian so we could move on together. All of that ended up being a waste since for some reason we got split during the graduation mission anyway. Since then, I've been running around the new world on my own and I don't quite know what I feel about it. It's not all that much fun running around by myself and I have this tendency to repeatedly expire at unfortunately frequent intervals. Since it's hard to level up, I can't quite see how to improve my character. There are lotsa skills but nothing seems to be all that helpful. I dunno. Maybe I'm just doing something wrong. I'm just hoping to eventually run into prismcat again and maybe she'll have some help/suggestions.
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