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What a dick

So I see on CNN that Michael Bell of Jena 6 fame botched his suicide attempt. What a loser. This moron can't even shoot himself right. That fine demonstration of idiocy didn't seem to stop him from trying to spin the story in his favor though. Here's his take on it:

"I just wanted to show everybody that I really wasn't the type of kid that everybody was making me out to be," said Bell, who worked out with his school's team even though he couldn't play in games. "Nobody will ever be perfect, but it's like that's where my mind was. You need to be perfect."

Ya, it was all society's fault. Us and our unreasonable expectations. After all, all we wanted this asshole to do is not commit any more crimes. Oh God. Why would we set the bar so high? It's just not reasonable to accept that level of perfection from anyone.

In case you didn't know, this grade A moron was caught on surveillance camera stuffing hundreds of dollars worth of clothing into a bag and trying to shoplift it out of a store. When the security guard tried to stop him, he elbowed the guy in the face. All of this lead to charges of shoplifting, battery, and resisting arrest.

This guy was a bad egg from the start and it looks like nothing's changed. I just hope that when he tries to kill himself after his next arrest he'll have learned how to operate a firearm correctly by then.
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