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Squid and honey dew

My uncle Charlie just came back from California and it was decided we should all go out for lunch. Since he had been gone when we went to that new buffet place a few weeks ago, it was decided that we would all go there. Given what happened last time, I decided to pass on any additional meds. I also tried to stretch out the time between taking them and setting off. That delay made some of the others annoyed but I figured I was dragging my feet for a good reason. Nothing ruins a meal like having someone spew vomit like water from a hose.

The meal was pretty spiffy overall. I ended up eating a ton of fried battered squid. It's sort of the chinese version of fried calimari. Instead of dipping it in a marinara sauce, it's usually just seasoned liberally with salt and pepper. I love the stuff and usually order it whenever we go out to a chinese restaurant. After a meal made mostly of the bounty of the sea, I proceeded to eat a whole honeydew melon. Well, I'm guessing it was enough to make a whole melon. It was all sliced up of course. Honeydew is the greatest melon in the world. So sweet, so crisp, so fresh teasting. I'm not sure that it's necessarily a balanced meal but it was pretty spiffy. Best of all, I didn't end up riding the vomit comet afterwards.

The rest of the day was pretty much a wash. I've been moderately sleep deprived lately and dozed off for most of the afternoon/early evening. I woke up a few hours ago and I've been watching tv and playing Guild Wars ever since. There's a show on fox reality channel called Solitary and I'm intrigued. The basic idea is they lock people up in these little 10' pods where they're forced to not only suffer solitary confinement but all sorts of little torture 'treatments'. Well, forced isn't the wrong word since they can quit at any time. They're already up to season 3 which premiered tonight. I spent some time trying to track down a torrent with the first two seasons but no luck. I was going to just give up but it turns out that Hulu has the whole thing. I think I'm going to be spending a lot of time in the next few days catching up with the show.
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