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So, I was just thinking about this old t-shirt design once I saw on T-shirt Hell. I don't remember the graphic that went with it but the text read something like: Hitler, love him or hate him, he sure killed a lot of Jews. I was pondering this a few minutes ago and as much as I like offensive t-shirts, I just couldn't imagine a situation where you could wear something like this. Well, let me amend that. I could totally see wearing the shirt to an Aryan brotherhood holiday potluck or your local mosque/madras, but I think it'd be a no-go for most people. The best I could come up with is it'd be sorta cool to wear it as a Jew so you could pull the reverse outrage trick on strangers. It's too bad that there's no t-shirt that would work that way for me. It's much harder to hide and then surprise people with the whole asian thing. It's much easier to be a stealth Jew.

BTW, I wanted to eat some yogurt but didn't have a spoon handy. What I did have was a banana. If I use the banana to scoop out the yogurt and then sucked it off the banana....will it make me gay?

Well? Will it?
Absolutely not.
Wait, weren't you already gay to begin with?
Dunno. Let me try it too and I'll let you know.

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