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So, after a lot of time and a fair among of OCD-like stick-to-it-ness, I've maxed out my character on Guild Wars as far as level goes. It's strange thing but hitting the end is only the beginning for this game. In any other game I've been on, you can always tell the difference between newbies and veterns based on the level of their character. In Guild Wars, level seems to tell you very little about how far a person has gotten. Hell, I hit 20 after a relatively short period of time. At this point, the only way to improve your character is to pick up additional skills and try to cobble together better weapons from the bits and pieces of others that you find. That pretty much means that my forward progress is going to be stymied from here on.

One thing I am amazed about is just how big the damn world is. I decided to pull a Daniel Boone and went exploring, trying to access ever piece of territory. It's just miles and miles of monsters and desolation. I feel exhausted just thinking about how far my character has traveled. That said, I've probably covered at best a third of the territory out there and that's only based on what I can see at the moment. It seems like it'd be a massive grind to continue on at this point.
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