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I could be the fungus that grows on her

I checked the site for The Guild a bit back and was happily rewarded with a bunch of Season 2 episodes. It looks like things started back up without me, which is actually a pretty spiffy deal since it means I get to watch a bunch of the eps in a row without having to wait for them each week. It made me happy. I popped back on today to find that episode 8 was just released. Felicia Day is so incredibly adorable. Actually, I guess I would be more correct to say that the characters she plays are adorable. As unlikely as it is, it's within the realm of possibility that she's really an evil bitchasaurus in real life and only plays sweet and innocent characters so she can trick me into erroneously believing that all women might not be evil. They're often tricky like that. It's hard to trust anything that has two X chromosomes. It's just like it's hard to trust that the guy approaching you in a dark alley just pulled out a knife so he can butter a roll.

Anyway, I think Penny and Codex are both super spiffy. If it weren't for the fact that I have absolutely nothing of value to offer any other human being (or imaginary character), I might even be drawing little hearts. I can almost see why the Son of Sam went around shooting smoochy couples in cars. Why should they be allowed to be happy?
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