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Happy new year

Welp, it's Chinese New Year once again. The year of the rat is over and we'll be starting the year of the distressed beaver, or somesuch, tomorrow. According to google, it looks like it's actually the year of the Ox. I'm not sure that it makes much of a difference and I've never really believed in horoscopes anyway.

In honor of the new year, the family had a couple get-togethers at my grandmothers this weekend. I had planned to pop over on Saturday but got head up at the Panera gameday playing Railroad Tycoon and by the time it finished, I couldn't really be bothered to head on over. I did make my way there earlier today and a bunch of us had dinner there. It was a pretty lowkey event and nothing special.

Before stopping over, I bought a headset and microphone setup at bestbuy. I picked it up to use for Guild Wars and I'm feeling a bit ambivalent about it. I hooked it up earlier and I don't really feel comfortable with the whole setup. I don't actually know these people in the guild I joined and I've never felt all that at ease using voice chat online. I still remember the first time I tried the whole multimedia internet thing. When I was in Chicago, I signed up for earthlink and they sent me a free webcam as a promo. I plugged the thing in and installed microsoft netmeeting, thinking it might be fun to video chat with strangers. What I discovered is that the only people interested in chatting with me in Netmeeting all wanted to show me their penis. After seeing three trouser snakes in a row, I deleted the program and chucked the webcam into a desk drawer. It just didn't seem fair. All those penises and not a boobie to be found.

Anyway, I'll just have to wait and see if I get used to the whole guild chat thing. I spent a hour or so just listening to the chatter and felt like an eavesdropper.
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