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Score one for facebook

I might have had facebook all wrong. It just might be that it's not an putrid cancer-causing pit of evil infested by teenyboppers. When I signed up, I sent out a bunch of friend requests, mostly to people I'm already in contact with in one form or another. I also launched a hail mary to someone that I lost track of over a decade ago. Just today, I got a response and I'm pretty amazed. I guess I shouldn't be since if he had a profile on there, it was very likely I would get a reply of some sort. It's just that over the years I would search online for the guy through the various means available and never came up with anything. He also never showed up at the high school reunion and I figured that would be the end of it. It's going to be interesting to reestablish contact after all these years. It's also the first time I think I'm going to have to recap my life to anyone post-disability, which I do feel a little uncomfortable about. It's one thing to just update people you already know on a slow downward slide but viewed over the course of decades, it looks more like skydiving without a parachute.

Still, I'm very happy about it. Bill (yet another Bill) was easily my best friend when I was a kid for many years. I spent a ton of time at his house and everyone there felt like family. I especially remember that his Mom was like a saint. She always made me feel welcome there and I wasn't exactly the most outgoing of people. It's going to be interesting to find out how his family's doing and what's happened in his life since we last talked. We ended up growing apart a bit when highschool had rolled around. It was just a different crowd. His involved football and booze. Mine was distinctly more geeky and subdued.

Anyway, I sent him my cell # and hopefully he'll give me a ring at some point. I feel like I should be humming memories or something of the sort.
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