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OHIO: Armpit of the midwest or source of convention fun

So I've already committed to going to gencon, the country's largest gaming convention which takes place each year during late summer. It was located in wisconsin for years and I had always wanted to go but never before had managed to convince anyone to come with me and I didn't feel like it was something I could wander off to by myself. Last year the shifted the location from Wisconsin to Indianapolis and I decided to take the plunge. I ended up going with with Dr. Frig (aka Jake) a sissyfighter who I discovered had zilch interest in gaming, but not until we both got down there. I also met another friend down there and Kewpie to boot. It was such a blast that I knew for a fact that I was going to go each year no matter what. This year, at least 5 of us from the gaming group are going to head down and there are a few sissyfighters who have expressed interest too so it might turn into a mini meat of sorts.

So you're probaly wondering, what does this have to do with ohio?

Gencon this year is going to be in late august and the other major convention every year is origins which is taking place in late june in columbus ohio. I'm all psyched and looking forward to gencon that I'm thinking maybe I should go to origins too. It's certainly much cheaper than gencon with hotels running as low as 40 dollars a night while I'll be paying 140 or so at gencon unless I can find a roommate. The problem is that no one seems interested in origins....partly because those who work have limited vacation time, and those who don't have limited funds. So I'm trying to decide whether I want to venture there on my own. I've actually been to a convention now so I'm not as apprehensive about going by myself but is it really worth paying the movie and trucking 6 and a half hours to Ohio?

I've only had a few experiences with ohio, none of them pleasant. I've had to drive through the state a few times between chicago and jersey and despite an overabundance of speedtraps, it's been bearable. The first first time I headed to chicago however my parents and I stopped in youngstown for the night. The place reminded me of a demilitarized zone. The quickymart staff were behind so much bullet proof glass I thought they would suffocate. I've been in crimeridden cities before but never had I seen the sheer amount of protective equipment on convienance store clerks that I saw there.

We were driving to chicago to move me in, and had two carloads full of crap. Given the unnerving atmosphere, it was decided I would sleep in the car to disuade criminals...though god knows what I could have done if something did happen other than honk the horn like crazy and scream like a little girl. Needless to say it was a miserable night and I've felt very uncharitable about ohio ever since. For good reason I would think.

So the question becomes...should I take the plunge and go? There's also my status in the lab to think of. I could probaly schedule around things but I can't guarentee that I won't have animals that will need to be run during this time period. Herm....

From what I see, if I did decide to go I would be passing pretty close to where you live now, raanve. Is dori still in that area too? I guess I could kill two birds with one stone and come and see you two for a little bit if that sounds like a good idea to you. Even better, I don't suppose either of you would want to go to a gaming convention? It'd be lotsa spiffy fun.

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