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I was feeling just fine before I decided I was hungry and should eat a whole mess of yogurt. I downed an excessive 4 cups of the stuff and now I feel like the various fruit flavors are fighting a civil war in my stomach. Who knew that strawberry, blueberry and peach don't mix? Everything is in there roiling and I can't help but wonder which faction will pull out the germ warfare first.

I feel like crap.

Oh, and my parents had the pomeranian put down this morning. Puff is gone. It was a miracle he last this long really. I still remember over a year ago when the vet said he had a week to live. You really can't tell with animals whether they'd be better off being put down or not. It's not exactly like they can make their wishes known. Maybe someone can invent the doggie version of a kevorkian suicide machine that can determine intent.
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