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The show is never as good as the headline

I just saw this article featured on CNN and I had such high hopes for it based on the title.

Surgeons remove healthy kidney through donor's vagina

Isn't that spiffy as hell? I was expecting something wondrously fucked up. Something like the doctor saying he was scheduled to do a hysterectomy but 'got lost' and just 'kept digging' until he found something that looked close enough. Even better, just think of all the vagina jokes that a headline like that is asking for. And you thought your wife's vagina was a cavernous expanse, ba dum dum.

In the end, I'm sad to say that it wasn't a mistake. This is apparently the new way that they're doing kidney transplants now. So if the next time you need a new kidney it arrives smelling like vagina, you'll know what happened. Milton Bradley should _definitely_ make an updated version of the game Operation to take procedures like this into consideration. Hell, I'd buy a copy.
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