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It smells like happy

I found a couple pieces of Double Bubble in the pantry downstairs left over from God only knows what. I <3 old classic bubblegum with that 'original bubblegum flavor'. If you've ever had gum as a kid, you know what I'm talking about. I've never been able to adequately describe the flavor as anything but happy. The minute that taste hits your mouth it gives your taste buds a good kick in the ass and you immediately think back to when you were a kid. Back then, half the gum you had was 'original' flavored whether it came in packs of baseball cards or rolls like tape, or as gumballs. Sadly, it's not as common today as people seem to want recognizable flavors based on fruits and crap.

I'm tempted to go online right now and buy myself one of those 5lb buckets of bazooka Joe.
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