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Georgie porgie goes to orgy

So have any of you received any invitations to attend a gay orgy and you're just not sure if you should go? If so, is my entry going to be timely for you or what. From the WTF files, I found a truly bizzare article about a recent gay orgy.

'Men Drugged And Injected With HIV'

Three men drugged and raped more than a dozen gay victims at sex orgies before injecting them with HIV-contaminated blood, a trial has heard.

Twelve of the victims, who range in age from their 20s to their 40s, are now HIV positive, the court in the Dutch city of Groningen was told.

The three HIV-positive suspects are accused of intentionally spreading the deadly virus at sex parties they promoted on the internet.

They face up to 21 years in jail if convicted of aggravated assault, rape, and the illegal possession of drugs.

The trio, aged 35, 48 and 49, were arrested in May last year after a number of their 14 alleged victims laid charges.

The prosecution alleges they were sedated with a combination of ecstasy and the date rape drug GHB before being raped and injected with a cocktail of their assailants' blood.

"The victims hope that their assailants will be punished," said the victims' lawyer Fred Kappelhof.

"They are hoping the trial will provide an answer to the question of why this happened to them."

If the men are convicted, the victims plan to launch civil proceedings for compensation.

In June 2006, health authorities reported a rapid rise in HIV infections among homosexual men in Groningen, and issued warning pamphlets at gay meeting areas.

Is that fucked up or what? I can just picture a buncha gay guys surrounding their victims and chanting 'One of us! One of us! One of us!'. I wonder if this is just an offshoot of bug chasers. Those were the gay guys who claimed that it was their goal to become HIV infected, usually for insane sort of reasons. Frankly, I'm not sure there are many sane reasons to want to get AIDS. Maybe too many of the bug chasers were coming to their senses and some people felt a need to take action to bring the stupid back into the whole situation.

Personally, I'm hoping that the story breaks that these were a gang of gay vampires. Maybe they read the Twilight books once too often and decided to go and create their own coven.
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