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Well, it could have been worse

I actually did some cooking yesterday and the results weren't a complete disaster. I don't remember if I actually made an entry about this or if it was simply a conversation I had with someone, but I've had a long and secret affair with egg salad. In my brain, whenever someone mentions egg salad, there's a single neuron that lights up and starts jumping up and down saying 'Me Likey!' over and over. The odd part of it is that I've probably only had egg salad a couple times in the entire life. I don't even remember specific instances where I've eaten it now. I can only assume I must've run into it at pot-luck sort of meals or perhaps back when I was still in grad school and someone bought one of those mixed sandwich trays for a meeting. All I can say for sure is I think I like egg salad a lot and I think I have a mental impression of what it's supposed to taste like.

Despite my positive view of egg salad, I've never tried to make it on my own. I've never even ordered it when out at restaurants. A week ago, I decided to go online and search around for egg salad recipes. I was pretty surprised at how easy it seemed to be. The only for certain ingredients seemed to be eggs and mayo. Everything else was optional depending on what type of egg salad you wanted to make. Since Shelley was over yesterday and was planning to go to the supermarket anyway, I added a bunch of items to her shopping list and decided that I would try to make egg salad for the first time. I decided to keep things simple so the only ingredients that went into the thing were eggs, bacon, mayo, salt, pepper, and some relish. I'm not sure exactly why I went for the relish other than it seemed like it would be a good fit to my mental taste buds.

Since I actually didn't follow any of the recipes exactly, nor did I even have any of them handy at the time, I made a lot of random judgment calls about things like how finely the eggs should be chopped and how much of each ingredient should be added. Really, I just started chucking things into a pot and mixing it around. I tasted it as I was making it and after I had the finished product, and it just didn't seem right perfect. I mean, it's an egg salad for sure and it tastes like an egg salad, sort of, but it doesn't seem as good as I remember. Maybe it's because I didn't add any spices to it other than salt/pepper, or maybe it's because my sister refused to buy me normal mayo and instead got the light stuff. I dunno.

I woke up around a hour ago and went downstairs to slather some of the egg salad on slices of worthless white bread. I just finished eating one and I still feel sort of meh about it. It's really sort of disappointing. It's not bad or's just not as good as I hoped.

Any suggestions for things I could toss into it to make it better? I figure any new ingredients would just fold into the mix pretty well.
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