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Hell's belles

I just got another email from t-shirt hell about their closing. To commemorate the event, they've brought back some of the most offensive shirts from the past that they were forced to yank due to complaints. I still sort of feel like I should buy something but I'm conflicted. First and foremost, their t-shirts aren't exactly cheap. After shipping and whatnot, we're talking $22 a pop. Second, I've got craploads of t-shirts that are still sitting in my closet have never been worn. I had to put a moratorium on buying them after things started getting out of control. I was picking up multiple from each gaming convention I went to which usually added up to 10+ shirts a year. Still, if I were going to buy a shirt, I'm sort of enamored with this one:

I only wish you could customize it to adjust what's at the bottom. I imagine it would make more sense if i could get one that said I <3 chinks.

So, what do you think?

Should I buy it?


I'm not sure it's the kinda thing I can just wear out to a gameday. Or maybe it is. I think it's pretty funny but my sense of humor has been found to be suspect before.
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