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“I'm feeling pretty crappy today. I don't really know if I should be complaining to begin with. What I meant it actually been pretty good lately. I mean I don't easily get stressed as I'm just a huge stabbing pain but I just more or less gotten rid of that well I mean the occasional stat here or there among friends but it's not horrible and it's not constant. What I do get allot of nowadays a thing that I've started calling pre pain. So it's that feelings right before pain hits works below the threshold kind of rumbling along. I mean if the air was pain then you know the ocean will look hay. It's been kind of lays along the surf. Occasionally it pops up a little bit then takes a little dip and pops up a little bit. It's not a pleasant sensation. The best example I could probably give is it's like someone constantly poking you ___. Yeah it's not that bad it starts. Just a poke. Not like it hurts. Not like someone is stabbing you or anything but poke, poke, poke and 5 hours later well I just say you've gotten tired of it and of course every once in a while it you know pops or pressed and yeah I feels the stab of pain and well that keeps you on your toes. So usually when that hits I end up popping some more meds and it mostly takes care of it but occasionally it doesn't which means I end up doing even less than I normally do and if I just lie here hoping it goes away at some point and there's not much to do about it. Still I can't really complain. Things have been better than they've been in quite a while. At least I'm gonna keep ___ management point of view. It's not like I'm dancing in the streets or anything but at least I'm not howling out and banging somewhere. So oh well ___.”

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