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To fight and die riding fire

I know I must make this entry once every couple of years but I really love Babylon 5. I've started rewatching the show again (starting from season 2) and there are still so many episodes and scenes that give me goosebumps. It's hard to thing of any other series that has had so many truly great moments. I was watching the episode Passing Through Gethsemane and seldom have I felt closer to God than in that final scene as Edward is dying. If you follow the link, you'll find a whole heaping load of quotes from JS Straczynski, the creator of the show and the one who wrote the episode. He's an affirmed atheist but managed to put together something as spiritually beautiful as anything I've seen. I only wish that the episode were easily available on one of the streaming video sites so that I could link it for you. It's something I think everyone should see be they already religious, agnostic or even an atheist.

Beyond the fabulous writing and episodes that really make you think, Babylon 5 holds another passion for me. Ever since I've been young, I've always loved the idea of flying in a starship of some sort. I'm sure that's hardly a unique sort of dream given the hoards of boys out there building ships out of legos and the like. I can't help but feel wistful every time I see these epic space battles where the pilots fight and die for their beliefs and for their comrades. I used to wish that something similar to the movie plot of The Last Starfighter were true and that one day, I would be given the opportunity to fly a Gunstar and defend the universe. Of course, the fact that I was really crappy at those sort of video games really put a crimp in this particular fantasy. I never did seem to have the hand-eye reaction speed needed to dodge all the flying bullets and lasers on the screen.

I think what it represents, in the end, is freedom. The ability to soar through space, unhindered by even gravity. The more that my life seems restrictive nowadays, the more I can't help but wish for that sort of escapism. It doesn't hurt either that being a star fighter would also provide for the chance to die in a blaze of glory if things went wrong. That certainly seems better sometimes than the dying by inches we're subjected to now.


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Feb. 13th, 2009 03:43 pm (UTC)
Even some young adult women had that dream. :) Although I was scared to death of aliens. I think I would react in much the same way that Alex did.
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