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So Valentine's day passed yesterday with nary a whimper. It seems sort of strange but I didn't see much of any runup this year. It's like Valentine's day dropped out of the nowhere without even the slightest bit of fanfare. I didn't see a single red heart or anything when I went out yesterday nor was there the saturation bombing online by florists and chocolateers. Maybe they figure with the economic outlook not as rosy as it has been in years past, people will cut back on Valentine's day purchases no matter what. There could be few things that qualify more as discretionary spending after all.

I ended up spending my Valentine's day at the Panera and learning the tyranny of New York first hand. Even before I became decrepit, I never really roamed around all that often. The area I'm in is crammed with stores of all types and I seldom have to travel more than 5 minutes to find what I'm looking for be it retailer or movie theater or whatever. BestBuy was having a sale on DS games and the only location that had it in stock for certain was in Staten Island. The only times I end up going to NY has been to get to NYC, which means the holland tunnel for the most part. I knew that that crossing was sort of pricey, as well it should be given the cost it must've taken to build the tunnels and also maintain them. I figured that crossing the bridge over to Staten Island would cost a few bucks tops given that it's a small bridge and a small road. $8. And of course they don't list the price until you get right to the toll booth so there's nothing to do but pay it. So in the end, the deal wasn't much of a deal but I felt sort of obligated to buy something anyway just so I didn't come away empty handed.

The gameday was pretty typical. No one I know is really Valetine's Day sort of people, regardless of whether they're in a relationship or not. All of the usual suspects were there and we ran through yet another game of Railroad Tycoon and then Agricola. Bill S is still obsessed with Railroad Tycoon, wanting to play it at every opportunity. My attention span for games is much shorter. I usually only end up playing, even something I love, half a dozen times tops before wanting to move on to something else. I have craploads of games still in my closet in shrinkwrap that never even got brought out.

Things wrapped up pretty early and we spent some time discussing education and just chitchatting in general. The general consensus seems to be that if the children really are our future, we might as well slit our wrists right now and spare ourselves the agony later. I suggested just shipping all of our underclass to Greenland. It worked for Great Britain after all and Australia turned out pretty well.
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