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Do they want somebody yellow? Hell no.

I snagged a copy of the Dr Horrible dvd online today after hearing a story about it on NPR the other day. They were interviewing Joss Whedon who has got to be one of the biggest douches in hollywood. The discussion was about his new series Dollhouse and about how he ran around from radical feminist group to radical feminist group to gauge their approval. Apparently the new show is like a donut with what appears to be frosted misogyny on the outside but with a thick creamy 'I am woman, here me roar and past the testicles' center. He wanted to make sure that the concept wouldn't get the jackbooted feminazis upset before they could suck his creamy center. From there it went on to some crap about him taking a whole bunch of women's studies in class and how he recognized that his thoughts oppressed women and some other lefty honky shit.

Anyway, they eventually got to the good part which was a discussion of Dr Horrible and the dvd. They played a song from the show and mentioned that the dvd had an entirely separate musical with it called Commentary, The Musical. It basically involved getting all the cast members together and scripting them around a dozen musical numbers interspersed with comedic dialog. I had had no clue that the extras for the dvd would include anything of the sort and really liked the clip they played. I snagged the thing earlier this afternoon and have been listening to it over and over. It's spiffy as hell, which I'll admit I do feel sort of conflicted about since Joss Whedon is such a douche.

My two current favorites as far as the commentary songs go is the one I've linked above and a 'rap' by one of the other Whedon brothers. It's enough that I'm actually thinking about buying a copy, which is a first for me.
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