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The best calzone in the world doesn't taste nearly as good going out as coming in

Dreamation started last night and I can't help but feel ambivalent about it. It's nice to see some people who I only get a chance to meet up with at cons, but I'm less and less enamored with the whole con thing. A couple of things made this particular event more problematic than usual. There had been a hotel change and instead of being just 10 minutes or so away, the new venue was a good 40-50 minutes north. The old hotel hadn't been anything to write home about, but I had gotten used to it and it was right in the middle of my neighborhood so I knew where everything was locally. I had never been to Morristown before and had no pressing interest in visiting before now.

In the end, I went to the con by hitching a ride with Lori. I could have driven up on my own but it would have involved switching cars with my mom. She usually ends up driving the Taurus since I'm unlikely to roam around much during the day. The expedition is always sitting around but I've never been very comfortable driving that monstrosity any significant distance. It never feels like I have all that much control over the thing and it'd just be my luck to be involved in a rollover of some sort.

The drive up to the con was pretty uneventful but upon arriving there I realized that I had seriously misjudged the weather. It had been brisk walking from the house to Lori's car but the wind was really gusting and it was freezing. As per normal, I was in a t-shirt and sandals. I just about froze my ass off walking from the hotel to the restaurant where we decided to get something to eat. I'm usually pretty immune to chilly temperatures but this was like nordic testicle-freezing conditions. We decided to eat at this Italian place across from the hotel and at that point, I would have gone into any restaurant just to get out of the wind. On the plus side, I had the best calzone I have ever had in my entire life there. It was really wonderful.

Later at the con, I started to feel unwell. Nausea crept up on me, most likely due to the pills, and I got the pleasure of re-tasting the calzone on the way out going at ballistic speeds. It was not nearly as good going the other way. I spent some time staggering about and ended the night at the bar with a friend, drinking lemonade and trying to settle my stomach. Nothing interesting happened gamewise at the con itself. I ran a couple of things but spent most of my time just sprawled about feeling ill.

The ride home was not pleasant. The temperature had dropped since earlier than evening and I nearly froze to death walking to the car. The nausea also made a reappearance and I spent the entire ride home trying to not vomit all over the place. I barely managed to make it all the way upon which I decorated a bush in front of the house before making my way inside. It's not exactly an auspicious start.
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