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And we're out

It looks like my sister wants her laptop back so there goes the net access again. Oh well. Things will continue to be sporadic until the new laptop arrives and that won't be for up to a week or more. Actually, it looks like it's going to be more, lots more. Looking at the order status, it seems that the ship date for the laptop has been pushed back quite a ways. It's not expected to arrive now until the 25th. It just boggles the mind why it would take over 3 weeks to construct and ship a laptop in this day and age. It's not even like I picked any strange or exotic options in the customization. It's just the generic model and the only thing different is in the OS. Everything else is just set as the default.

As I think about it, part of me is just tempted to call and get the order canceled and just forget the whole thing. I know I ended up paying around a hundred dollars more than I could have if I had simply waited for another good laptop deal to come around. The only downside is that there's never any guarantee when the prices will dip again. I could end up waiting a long time and it's not even like I'd have any good way to track the deals as they appear without a laptop to begin with.

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