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Voice Post

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“So it looks like I'm back to the days of voice post and a wack top, so I needed to take and do her taxes thou on the plus said she did say that she'll only need it to finish her taxes and that way that's done it's minecan(?) until my other laptop arrives, so it's just a few days pap eye. Here's a ticket I was I'm over hearing ages ago that the reason that most people done like hearing there own voices they help you record it then listen to it, it's because we always sound better to our selves speaking then we sound to others it has to do with the ragmans(?) heads basically it has dept to our voices. So I was thinking that I don't really hate the sound of my voice but just kinda aud to it doesn't sound quite like what I'm hearing obviously, it would be nice thou to have a really good voice you know like I'm thinking when singing and stuff like that I sound cripple compare to well what I'm hearing in my own head and it's just kinda sad, it's makes me wonder what the really good singers are hearing a bell they must be pretty much angelic if they sound grate to everyone can you imagine what it sounds like in there own heads. Oh well I guess that's that.”

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