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'Latest Posts' Ho bait of the day

I ran across this entry which I found highly entertaining.

"right now i want to kill my roommate.

not only did he feel like it was ok/ funny to take his dick out while he was taking pictures of me and chase me around with it, look behind the cut to see what he did to my ass. he was photographing, and told me to turn around. so i do, and whack. it turned bruised in the next five minutes- it was brighter in real life than in the pictures. what the fuck. i'm feeling pretty damn angry right now. we used to be lovers (he was actually my last boy), and we're really, really close. however, he always wants to fuck me. which, whatever, i enjoy being desired. but i've told him he can look all he want, but not to put his hands on me without my permission. and i need to constantly remind him, and hitting my ass- i want to kill him right now. i am really, really angry. how the fuck does he think he is, who does he think i am??"

Considering these were some of the pictures that followed, my guess is that he thinks she's a cheap whore, and he's probaly not far off the mark. I hope someone wipes that door down with some alcohol. God knows what will start spawning on there if it isn't disinfected.

Picture 1

Picture 2

And I didn't even put in the nipply picture. Wasn't that good of me?

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