In the darkness the trees are full of starlight (henwy) wrote,
In the darkness the trees are full of starlight

Everyone loves Tentacle Grape

Welp, my wrist is feeling a bit better today. I think I actually managed to make it worse with the ace bandage yesterday. I kept wrapping it up like I was trying to suffocate it. All that ended up happening is I ended up losing all feeling in my hand from the restricted blood flow and all the fussing only seemed to exacerbate the problems. After chucking the wrap in the middle of the night, it seems to be much better now.

In other news, I purchased the Amtrak tickets last night for True Realm. It seems very unlikely that anyone is going to change their mind and come with and I wanted to make sure I got all the details squared away. I've never actually ridden Amtrak before and it should be an interesting experience. It's a 5 hour trip to get from Chicago to Carbondale and it won't exactly be the happy party/gaming train like I initially hoped. Instead, I'll just have to settle for the long boring train in which Ill probably amuse myself by making videos with the Flip Mino.

I have to get myself a bottle of this once it actually hits the market. I wonder if it'll have collectible bottles.
Tags: flip mino, food, owie, true dungeon

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