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What's that I feel? I think it might be love

My laptop arrived yesterday and I unwrapped and set everything up earlier today. It's so perty looking that I think my old shriveled heart might have grown 3 sizes. Of course, more than likely that'll just contribute to causing coronary heart disease and bring up a heart attack. Anyway, the laptop is all glossy black and smooth and I get a small thrill every time I run my fingers across its slick, beautiful surface. Mmmmmm laptop. I should also mention that the monitor looks huge. I actually went to check the specs and it turns out that this laptop actually has a screen size .6 inches bigger than the last one. Sure, it's only a little over a half an inch, but it seems to make a huge difference. Size obviously does matter and while it doesn't have huge gozongas of screen size, it's bigger than any I've ever had before.

It's going to take me a while to set everything up and teach it all the things I like, but I think our relationship is off to a good start. I figure it'll grow to adjust to my needs as I fill in things like bookmarks and old beloved programs. I thought I loved my old laptop but it's nothing like what I feel for this one. I only hope that it understands that one day, perhaps a year or two down the line, I'll have to dump it for something even younger and slicker and with an even bigger CPU, RAM, and screen size.
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