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It's that time again. Comedy Central is showing its new roast of Larry the Cable Guy. I love these things. The quality varies from roast to roast but in general, they're funny as heck. I'm really sort of surprised that Comedy Central doesn't produce more of them. I was reading some background information and found that they are usually huge ratings hits. It also can't cost that much to produce since all you need is a stage and some tables. Hell, I'm sure most people would pay money to attend. That and it's not like you'd need to pay the comics to participate. It must be a great way for them to get exposure and it's how I was introduced to a lot of these comics.

My favorite roast of all time has to be that of William Shatner. Shatner is such a pompous douche that he's a walking caricature of himself. I swear to God that his role on Boston Legal must've been the easiest money he's ever made in his life. I'm absolutely certain he wasn't acting. Just substitute 'William Shatner' for 'Denny Crane' and it could be a documentary of his daily life. Not to mention there were just some really good and memorable people at the roast. I can still remember most of George Takei's bit and it was hilarious. Takei, as in toupee.

All said and done, I'm not sure I'd actually want to be a comedian. It can't be easy going from dive to dive doing your schtick and making peanuts for it. For every comedian on that dais tonight, there are hundreds if not thousands out there struggling just to make more than spare change. Not to mention the bombing on stage thing and hecklers must be pretty draining. I admire a lot of these people because I envy the walls they must have that these sort of barbs, slings and arrows don't hurt. Occasionally you can see that some joke actually hits home and they try to put on a strained smile, but for the most part they can laugh at just about anything. I find something incredibly admirable about that. Compare it to some other pussy comedians like Kathy Griffen who I still remember sobbing on her tv show because Jay Leno made an offhand ugly joke about her.
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