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Why Battlestar Galactica sucks

I watched a chunk of the last frakking BSG special on tv a couple nights ago and it reinforced all of my worst fears and complaints about the show. I was a huge fan during the first two seasons but they lost me with the ridiculous New Caprica plotline. First, I found it sort of offensive that they were using the Iraq war for ratings gain and even more so that they were directly comparing the terrorists there to the hero protagonists of the show. That's just going too far in my opinion. It's one thing to explore the potential moral ambiguity of the situation and another to do what those assholes did. As far as I'm concerned, it's like those japanese works of fiction that came out after world war II which supposed a world where Germany and Japan won the war and the world ended up being perfect. It's incredibly offensive.

Now, I could have tolerated this if only the New Caprica storyline were integral to the plot. If you want to ask hard questions about the war in Iraq and the moral differences between terrorists and freedom fighters, more power to you. Really explore the issue and develop it. Instead, the writers used the entire thing as a cheap and incredibly offensive ploy to get a temporary ratings boost through word of mouth. A few episodes into the season they had left the god damn planet and it was like they had never been there in the first place. It was a cheap gimmick at best and really soured me on the show.

The other thing that bothered me is the writing seemed to be really slipshod. I had hopes that BSG would be much like Babylon 5, where the creator had plotted out the entire series from the beginning. Actually, it would be a little excessive to ask anyone to reach the standard that Straczynski accomplished but I figured they should have at least a general idea of what the storyline should be. Instead of a well-woven, multi-year storyarc we were fed a series of random 'gotcha' moments. It seemed that the writers would simply attach pictures of the cast to a twister spinner wheel and play Spin-o-Cylon. This theory was confirmed during the special when the creator of the show admitted that he basically picked cylons just for fucking shock value and that none of the final 5 or anything had been planned in advance. According to that talentless hack, the only reason he brought about the final 5 was because he felt that Baltar's trial at the end of Season 4 wasn't enough of a shocking gotcha moment. He also yakked on about how he picked the actual cylons based on the gasp-o-meter. Starbuck and Baltar were passed up because they were too obvious and the others chosen because they would be a thrill. WTF. Maybe you should have decided who the hell was a fucking cylon from the beginning and scripted this out you turd.

Frankly, I don't think there's any excuse for something this sloppy and lazy. The show might have been a risky proposition in season 1 and no one knew whether it would be picked up again. All of that was clear by season 2 and it's almost criminal that none of these assholes thought they should sit down and discuss what the general plot of the show would be for the remaining seasons. I just don't understand why people out there are so happy to be spoonfed shit and end up rubbing their tummies with joy like it was ambrosia. Personally, I think it's just proof that the American tv viewing public is made up of gibbering morons in large part. Give them an endless supply of shock moments and surprise endings and those drooling monkeys will happily tune in each week and rave over it. Seriously people. WTF?
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