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There is no good ship lollypop

I have the sads.

I guess that's hardly to be unexpected. You could hardly find a surer bet. Things hurt and things suck and I'm just tired. Normally, I would choose to spend my birthdays in bed and preferably unconscious. I've sort of come to expect that nothing good can come from the day and it's best to just get it over with as quickly as possible. Despite all of that, there are certain obligations I can't really avoid. My mom wanted to take me out to a local Japanese restaurant that just opened a few days ago and so she, my sister, and maddie made the trek over there for lunch. The restaurant was pretty nice and reminded me of a seafood version of Fogo de Chao. I've never been a big fan of sushi but my mom seems to have enjoyed it. Maddie spent most of the time there spitting things up. About the only thing she would eat was the bacon off of the bacon-wrapped asparagus. Everything else got the blah treatment as she stuck out her tongue and let it dribble out.

I told Shelley about my exhaustion and she thinks it could be linked to the blood pressure medications. Like it or not, these pills have probably decreased my heart rate and cardiac output to a degree that my body is unused to. That means that the weakness will continue until everything finds a new equilibrium. Unfortunately, she thinks that could take up to 2 weeks which would put it smack in the middle of my trip out of town. I guess all I can do is see if and how I manage to adjust to it. If I can't, then I might just be forced to discontinue to meds until after it's over.

Oh, and thanks to those of you who sent happy birthday messages via LJ or facebook or email or smoke signal. It was probably a case of spitting into the wind but the sentiment is appreciated.
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