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It's like an E-Z bake oven

Someone just posted on a deal site that the 'Girl Gourmet Ice Cream Sandwich Maker' is only $4.00 at Amazon. While I have no need for an ice cream sandwich maker, especially one under the Girl Gourmet label, I was sort of curious what you would get for $4. It seems like it would be sorta complex to make your own ice cream sandwiches after all and I just couldn't see them providing any machinery. When I went to take a look, this is the picture I found of the item.

What a piece of unmitigated crap. I've seen playdough pasta-makers that looked like they would churn out more appealing food. I had been hoping that there would be a humorous amazon review or two describing the inevitably nasty outcome but it looks like no one has been stupid enough to purchase this item so far. Pity.

I will admit that reading the description for this item does make me sorta want an ice cream sandwich. I haven't had one of those in years. Maybe I should start checking supermarket circulars and see how much a box goes for nowadays.
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