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I'm feeling a bit ambivalent about life lately which, I have to admit, is probably a slight improvement over how I've been feeling. I'm not nearly as certain that the world and everything in it sucks. Well, not completely anyway. Nothing all that interesting has been happening except for the fact that Maddie has been spending her days here. The way it usually works is that Connie would drop her off at my grandmother's place and then my mom, grandmother, and uncle would take care of her until Connie came to pick her up after work. My grandmother and uncle left to go on a week long cruise down to the Caribbean with other family members last Saturday and so Connie's been dropping Maddie off here instead for my mom to watch. It's a distinct possibility that being around Maddie has had a positive impact upon my mood. Despite the fact that she's an often fussy little whirlwind of activity, she's also sorta adorable at times. She still doesn't speak all that many words but will, a couple times each day, todder over to the staircase and call out her sorta garbled version of 'uncle'.

Since I'm on the subject of family, I'm not sure I mentioned it but Connie's pregnant again. The new kid will be a boy and is due sometime in mid July. I'm already anticipating that Maddie is going to throw a fit once she figures out that she won't be the absolute center of attention anymore. I'm also sort of curious how the new baby will fit into the whole family dynamic. At the moment, Maddie is the center of the lives of a whole heaping load of people. Everyone just loves her to pieces. I can't help but wonder if that will change or shift with a new kid added to the picture. Connie has said that she wants at least 3 kids and maybe 4, so we'll get a chance to go through this multiple times.



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Mar. 26th, 2009 06:18 pm (UTC)
Please talk to your folks about how Maddie helps you feel better. Maybe they would agree to watch her once a week or something so that you could get a weekly "Maddie fix".

I've always wanted to volunteer in the hospitals for baby holding. Newborns that are having to stay in the hospital need to be held for a certain amount of time each day. If not, they can get 'failure to thrive'. The person holding them does not have to be a nurse or anything, they just need to feel human arms around them.
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