In the darkness the trees are full of starlight (henwy) wrote,
In the darkness the trees are full of starlight

Voice Post

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“Well, I'm at the airport waiting for my flight. It was kind of a rough set up getting here. I was all frenzy(?) trying to get everything all packed and done and in the end, it was just a complete cock up but I got here before the flight so it's ok. I guess went a bought myself a bottle Vitamin water. I wasn't sure what I wanted to drink but I wanted to drink something so I thought, hey I always see this stuff all over the place and it's suppose to be healthy and all that crap. It's also $3. When he told me how much it cost, I was like, holy shit, are you kidding me? I bought it anyway but it's ___. They're probably idiots buying this crap every day and I just joined their ranks. ___. Alright, well I guess I'll leave that as it is and I'll make an entry when I get to Chicago.”

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