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And the band played on

Rap, tap, taping out a drumbeat of pain. It looks like things have continued to be sort of sucky with the pain management issues since getting back. I really need to find some way to get ahead of this problem but I'm worried about popping too much and crossing the line into nausea. Hopefully it'll all fix itself once I work myself back into a normal schedule.

Other than that, things have been pretty kosher the past couple of days. My mom and grandma have been bringing Maddie here around noon each day and she's been running around like a little whirlwind. She learned how to open doors for the first time today and went around demonstrating her skills ad nauseum. I sometimes think back to when she was younger and seemed to spend all of her time screaming. My mother was relating a story of that time when Connie was sitting with Maddie in one of those rockers and telling her that if she didn't quiet down she was never going to have a little brother or sister. I can only guess that lack of sleep during that time must've affected her memory since she did end up getting pregnant again pretty soon after. The new rugrat should be here by mid July and it'll be interesting to see how Maddie deals with the new addition. My vote right now is for badly.

Lets see, I guess I should also mention that I had a pretty spiffy opportunity to save some money on my airfare to gencon. It just happens that tomkoz had a $400 travel voucher for continental that he couldn't use and was due to expire soon. He wanted $200 for it and it sounded pretty good to me. Even though my flight will only cost $250 or so, the amount should rollover for next year's ticket as well. Well, assuming that nothing goes wrong anyway.
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