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I hear they serve jello every day at the old folk's home

My sleep schedule is still quite wonky and I've got other residual issues from the trip. For one, I think I must've somehow bruised the bones in my left foot. I thought it was just going to be blisters but nothing has developed and instead, any pressure into the bones on either side produce a sustained dull ache. It seems to coincide with the location of the sandal straps and I figure the pressure over time was just too much. It means that I've been limping around trying to keep pressure off of it but I figure it'll self-heal over time.

While at TR, I also picked up a splinter though most people will probably claim that I deserved it. We were running through True Grind, a combat focused adventure where the adventuring group tries to defeat as many monsters in the time allotted. At one point, someone slid an attack and landed a crit on the beholder. The DM, as the beholder, tried to bribe me to knock the crit out of the way in exchange for two pieces of treasure. I, of course, obliged and scored some ill-gotten loot. The very next time I reached into the treasure box, I was swirling the tokens around and ended up getting a splinter the size of a log jammed into my middle finger. I haven't gotten a splinter since I was a kid and I had no real knowledge (nor desire) to try to remove it. I figured all I could hope for was that it wasn't become too badly infected over the next couple days until I could get home and have it yanked at. At one point in the dungeon, I was showing one of the DM's my booboo when she suggested using the needle end of my HP counter to pry out the splinter. That sounded like a great idea to me but unfortunately, a needle was only half the solution. The other half being my mom to do the prying while I look the other way and she was a thousand miles away. Luckily for me, the DM had sufficient ranks in mom, having had kids of her own, that splinter removal was among her repertoire of skills. She was able to pry most of it out by the time we had to leave the room and I was able to snag the rest with my teeth.
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