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I feel so old

Not just old but run down. I certainly wouldn't be one of those old people you see happily crocheting or powerwalking around the mall dressed in a brightly colored sweater with flowers on it. No, I feel the sort of old where you see a guy slumped in a chair dozing with his head back, his mouth open and snoring only to occasionally snort himself awake to grumble about young people and the crap they call music. I'm still not sure exactly why but I'm feeling a lot of fatigue since returning from True Realm. I actually popped out to Brian's place last night to play some poker. It had been nice of him and Jessie to invite me and I figured it was about time I got out and about. It was pretty fun like always and I won a whole $2 to boot. I got back around 2:30 in the morning and after a shower and watching some poker on tv, dozed off.

I had been planning to head over to the Panera for the Bill's game day today but just couldn't seem to gather up the energy. Instead, I lounged about watching the Deadliest Catch marathon on the Discovery Channel, eating a mess of chicken wings with blue cheese dressing, and napping. Well, okay, that sounds pretty darn spiffy but I could have done that any day. I could have done all of that (except the marathon watching) after getting back from the Panera but just didn't manage it. I guess it's not a huge big deal but I feel like I should have at least shown up to see everyone. It's been about a month and change since I last got together with them. If I don't try to make more of an effort, it'll just exacerbate my state of shut-in-ism.

Oh well.
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