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Pirates? Are you shitting me?

I really don't understand what the deal is with those Somali pirates. If you haven't heard, apparently the coast of Africa off of Somalia has become pirate central. There are roving bands of these assholes who constantly hijack ships and then hold the crew and cargo hostage until they're paid off. The most recent target was an American cargo ship and while the crew escaped, the pirates have managed to keep a hold of the captain in a defeuled life raft. Even though the US navy is in the area, they haven't made any move to rescue the guy and the pirates have called for reinforcements. Other pirate boats in the area are moving in and trying to reach the lifeboat so they can evacuate their comrades and the hostage onto land where the navy can't follow them.

All clear?

Now, what I cannot fucking understand is why this situation is even going on. Why the fuck isn't the navy sending a cruise missile up the asses of the pirates? Our rules of engagement say that we cannot fire unless fired upon and unless there is no chance of hurting civilians. The pirates know this which means they basically operate with impunity knowing that no matter how out-gunned they are, we won't actually fire. Does this sound absolutely ridiculous to anyone but me? No wonder these pirates are everywhere. We encourage them with our inaction and it's the future hostages who suffer. If we simply blew the mother-loving fuck out of each pirate ship we ran across, there wouldn't be many pirates after a while.

Really, I guess there's just no hope for it. Not with Obama in the White House. I really can't see him growing a pair and taking some definitive action. Instead, he'll dither and waffle and it'll be the next american ship hijacked that will suffer for his inaction. It's the same reason why you can't negotiate with terrorists. If you give them what they want, you only encourage them. Like a cancer, the only way to get rid of people like this is to burn them out.
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