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Objects in motion

I'm feeling sort of down lately. There's no real cause for it, or rather, no new cause to explain it. I've been sleeping sort of badly but that's pretty common for me. I had an entire series of distressing dreams last night ranging from stabbing one of my sister's friends and having to go through a police investigation to having to re-handwrite a long essay for a final exam. I guess the latter might not seem all that bad at first but my handwriting is pretty awful and I've pretty much forgotten how to write in cursive over the years. I just working on it with a cramping hand, all the while hoping what I was writing would be good enough. It wasn't much fun. There were 2-3 more dreams, all slightly disturbing, and all forgotten by now. I guess it's just a sign that I feel sort of unsettled for some unknown reason. In short, I have the sads.

Sometimes it's just hard to figure out what's the point of it all, putting one foot in front of the other, day by day. It just seems like inertia more than anything else.
Tags: blah, dreams, sleep

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