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Ah, the zing zing of wireless waves once more

I'm happy to report that my internet connection is finally on the up and up again. It took those incompetents at Verizon all day yesterday to sort out the problem and into the morning hours as well. I would try the connection once every few minutes like Pavlov's dog and finally hit salivary paydirt a couple of hours ago. I wonder if I should call them and demand that their pro-rate my charges this month to account for the day without service. Eh. It's probably not worth the effort. I think that even if they did credit me with the day it would only come out to 90 cents or thereabouts thanks to the package deal we have. I can't help but suspect that's the reason that they peg the internet portion of the bill at only 20% of the total, knowing it's more likely to go down and they end up paying out less when people bitch.

All of that aside, I've spent my web downtime finally watching all of those Frasier episodes I downloaded. I decided that it was stupid to just randomly watch 2-4 episodes every day whenever they were on tv. Since they don't show the damn things in order, it's just pot-luck if I would stumble across a new one or one that I had seen a dozen times already. I started the download before I left for Chicago and it's only just finished enough that I could start with the first few seasons. Already, I've run across around a half dozen episodes I've never seen before and around twice that number that I only caught part of or don't recall well. You can really appreciate how well written the show is when you can actually see the flow of the episodes from one to another rather than watching them as if you let a roulette wheel pick which was next.

After I finish all 11 seasons of Frasier, I'm going to start Pushing Daisies. I have high hopes for that show given that it's by the same guy who did Wonderfalls. To this day, if I could resurrect any one tv show relegated to entertainment's graveyard, it would probably be that one. Oh Wonderfalls, we barely knew ye. I know Pushing Daisies had a real cult following as well and though it's canceled now at least it went for more than one season. If it's even half as good it would be a tolerable show.

Since I seem to be meandering from topic to topic, I guess I should also mention that today is Gencon Event Registration. Frankly, I'm not even sure I'm going to try to participate. I haven't so much as looked at the list of events and it's very hard to imagine a scenario in which I'd care less. I just can't seem to get all up and excited about the con anymore and most of the events have grown hackneyed and stale by this point. I'll still do Killer Breakfast and TD and probably NASCRAG but I just don't feel the same excitement that I used to. I guess it was inevitable that I would become jaded and I think most people would agree that it's a near miracle it took this long.

Oh well. I think I'll just wait and see if mock26 drops me a line about event reg later on today. Maybe he has events picked up and I know that he at least has gone through the schedule of events. From what I hear, those incompetent assholes at gencon tech have rolled out a new event registration system so it's probably going to be a complete clusterfuck. I just don't understand why they don't open these things up to more serious testing and review before the actual date of the event. Already people on the TD forums are reporting all sorts of problems when they tried to run through the system. Feh.
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