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Oh the horror

I've been having a pretty crappy week as far as sleeping goes. I've been all congested whenever I lie down which makes it impossible for me to breathe through my nose. It clears up when I get myself vertical but I've never been one for sleeping while sitting up. That said, it means that I only fall asleep when I'm completely exhausted and I probably just end up mouth breathing the whole night. This has had an interesting side-effect. It's as if the lack of oxygen results in a non-stop slew of nightmares. I know I've mentioned a few of them before but there was one yesterday that really takes the cake. Normally, I wouldn't even consider sharing it since it's disturbing enough that it probably reflects badly upon me even if it was just a dream. Then again, I'm not sure I really care all that much what some of you think so it probably falls into the category of no harm, no foul. I'm pretty sure that there's no dream more disturbing than this one out there and if you have had one that you think can compete, I'd love to hear it.

I don't remember all the details now but it pretty much starts off with an evil girl who's trying to destroy my life for some reason. I don't recall why but it was something vindictive. I somehow ended up being sexually assaulted while either drugged or asleep and impregnate her. She ends up threatening to tell her parents and get me arrested as a pedophile. I spent a large portion of the dream protesting my innocence and fearing what a Geraldo-esque paternity test would show. It then turned into some sort of giant chase scene cross country but somehow monsters or vampires were introduced.

Just try and beat that.



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