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Earth Day is over

It's a bit late but I felt compelled to share an article I just stumbled across. Think of it as my proverbial poke in the eye to all of those whacky hippies out there.

"Although many people believe that well-watered plants grow best on a bright sunny day, the reverse is true. Plants often thrive in hazy conditions such as those that exist during periods of increased atmospheric pollution."

I just love studies like this. It just shows that things are never as crisp and clear as some might like. Besides, it adds to the liklihood of a civil war among hippies one day and I'm always in favor of a circular firing squad for those tree hugging wankers.

On a sidenote, I've always known that increased pollution helps plant growth though that was CO2 rather than the other particulate matter they talk about in the study. It's the reason why you often seen crops planted alongside highways in this country. Cars release CO2 which means a higher concentration and better absorption by vegetation in the area. I always thought that was a nice hand in glove sort of kismet. After all, the highway drivers also get something out of the deal in that it's probably more interesting to look at growing fields of crops and farms than just barren wilderness.
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