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Who would miss you when you're gone

I find it harder and harder to keep up this journal of late. I've been through bouts of disinterest in blogging but this seems a bit more severe than normal. It just seems I don't have much of a connection with people online either here or through facebook. It's just a sea of disinterested strangers for the most part. Add to that the fact that I just don't feel like I have much to say and it's a pretty deadly combination. The only thing that keeps me going is some small sense of habit. I don't think it's hyperbole to say that no one would much care if I just took a half year vacation.

On the otherhand, I do have something sorta interesting to cogitate about. I'm not sure if I've mentioned this before but my mind always tends to wander to the same topic whenever I see an exorcism movie. I'm never quite sure where I stand on religious matters though I've always felt that there's a core unfairness when it comes to many of the religion-based boogiemen. THink about it...we have demons and devils and there's even been that floated idea that vampires were created due to being cursed by God. Why in the world would God choose to punish these people by inflicting them on the rest of humanity? If God wants to chuck someone out of heaven because they're being a douche, wouldn't a nice inescapable prison be best? It doesn't seem right to just let them roam the world causing havok in the lives of relatively innocent people. I also think about how many people out there might happily run into a case of real demonic possession or something supernatural along those lines. I mean, it must suck ass to bump into the devil but there's also the flip side you have to consider. If there's a devil, then there has to be a God, right? That might be sorta comforting no matter what sort of crazy hell you've been dumped into. Life, afterall, is short and temporary. No matter how filled with pain and horror, who wouldn't trade it for the existence of eternity? It sorta gives me a whole new view of people stuck in horror movies.
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