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Vision waivers and it all blurs into one

I figured I should mention that I finished my Frasier viewing a few days ago. Eleven seasons and over 200 episodes. I have to admit that somewhere in the middle it almost started to feel like work. Since I've seen sporadic episodes over the years, it was very hard to determine if something was a repeat until somewhere halfway through an episode. To no one's surprise, the entire show had a much better narrative flow when viewed in order rather than two random episodes at a time. That said, there were also a heaping load of plot similarities. I couldn't help but feel it all started to blend together at the end there.

As for highlights, I really loved Patrick Stewart and Michael Keaton's appearances in their own separate episodes. They both pulled off their characters perfectly, though I think most people naturally assume anyone with a British accent is 50% gay right off the bat. The writing on the show was really top notch, though I got the impression that they had thrown everything but the kitchen sink at the show by the end. It was starting to drag near the end and it's better that it ended before it became a complete stinker.

I told myself that after I finished Frasier I would move on to Pushing Daisies, but I just can't seem to gather up much enthusiasm for the idea. I think I'm just a little burned out on tv right now and after 200+ episodes, who can blame me. You can only handle so many laugh tracks before you start to go a bit insane. I'll probably be ready to pick it up again in a couple of weeks.
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