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One, two, three....Drop!

I just got back from another poker night at Brian's place. I've been heading over there pretty regularly lately, usually once every other week. We've been playing dealer's choice cards and it's been lotsa fun. I managed to scoop up $10 in winnings tonight and that's not bad given we're playing with change. On the way home I spent some of the lucre on a large wild cherry slurpee which I'm greatly regretting. It's left a really unpleasant taste in my mouth. I can't help but wonder when they last cleaned out the machine since there's a definite coconut taste that doesn't belong. Blech.

In addition to playing cards, I also got the opportunity to bring over some things I've been meaning to hand over including some files that Jessie wanted (the video of puff the magic dragon and miss saigon), belated birthday gifts, and some coupon for some small amusement center they go to. It's always nice to get these sort of errands done since I usually procrastinate or forget them with time.

Oh well. Off to bed.
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