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Happiness is $50

I just booked my hotel on Priceline for the Chicago portion of the gencon trip in August. I'm pretty fricking happy about it too since I was able to use a $50 bonus cash offer that I got from Twitter a few days ago. They were trying to recruit followers and promised that the first 5,000 people who 'friended' them would get a $50 discount. I didn't even have a Twitter account at the time but $50 is nothing to sneeze at. I got my certificate and just used it to redeem myself a 5 night stay at a Sheraton for $160 (after all the taxes and fees). That's not bad considering it's only $32 a night at a 3-star hotel. Where the hell else can you wrangle a deal like that and not expect fleas, bedbugs, and spooge all over the room? The best part is there are all sortsa people on the deal site who are upset about the promotion because it had some fine print like the fact that it had to be a minimum 3-night stay and a 3-star hotel.

I'm sure mock26 will also be happy to hear of this since it means I won't be imposing on him for accommodations. It's never easy to have house-guests when you're used to living alone, just as it's not easy to be a house-guest when you're used to living on your own. No matter what, there are always little irritations or inconveniences.

Getting a room also means that I will have to get a rental car for certain. I figure that means another $200 at the minimum, but there's no other way to go about it. Sometimes you just have to pay the piper and it should be worth it just for the convenience factor. For the last 3 years, I've been lucky in that I've always reserved a sub-compact and been upgraded up to a full-sized or better due to lack of inventory. That might not worth this time around due to the recession, but I'll keep my fingers crossed.

I just mapped the path to the hotel and, ironically, it's on Irving Park. It's basically just a straight shot across to John's place, though of course it's an 11 mile trek.
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